Teaching Students to Write by Scott Purdy

A guide to teaching third through ninth graders all aspects of writing

Teaching Students to Write
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ISBN 0964136651
5¼" × 7¾" | 254 pp.

Teaching students to write well is one of the greatest challenges faced by teachers today.

This text clearly explains, in a step-by-step approach, how to teach your students to effectively analyze writing prompts, differentiate between expository and narrative compositions, grade student work quickly and effectively, create interesting and motivating assignments, incorporate the writing program across the curriculum, and how to write in the various genre required by state and local standards.

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A quick and easy read with hundreds of tips and techniques

The author of Teaching Students to Write, Scott Purdy, has been teaching writing for the past thirty years. This book is a compilation of all of the ideas, examples, teaching tricks, sample assignments, and approaches that he uses within his own classroom and shares with thousands of teachers each year in his writing workshops.

You will be amazed at the realistic, down-to-earth practicality of his advice. With the help of this book, you will gain the confidence to instruct your students to be confident and successful writers.

Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, opening paragraphs, forty writing assignments, correcting papers, closing paragraphs, the year-long writing plan, body paragraphs, capitalization, grade-level expectations, prompts, motivation.... It's all here!

Topics include:

Heirarchy of Skills
A realistic and down-to-earth presentation of third through ninth grade skills
Forty Sample Assignments
Unique writing assignments that can blend into your existing program
Teaching Writing Mechanics
New approaches to teaching punctuation, usage, capitalization, and spelling
Efficient Grading and Correcting
Ten quick and clever ways to provide specific and immediate input to students
Essay Organization
Specific methods for teaching opening, body, and closing paragraphs
Teaching sentence structure, grammar, and vocabulary development

Teaching Students to Write Teacher Workshops

If you live in California, we offer a variety of one-day teacher workshops dedicated to the content of Teaching Students to Write by Scott Purdy. These workshops offer teachers invaluable insight to the ideas and techniques Scott Purdy has discovered over thirty years of teaching writing to third through ninth graders. Learn more about Write Time teacher workshops, all presented by Scott Purdy, and specifically designed for teachers.

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