Grading Papers and Handling Paperwork Efficiently Seminar

A practical teacher workshop dedicated to specific teaching strategies and valuable time management tips

I teach because I enjoy the time spent with my students. They keep me young, enthusiastic, and inspired. Every time I see that "ah-ha" in a student's eyes or evaluate the progress of my students as they leave my classroom at the close of each year, I am reassured that what I am doing is valuable.

Yet, each day presents a myriad of discipline issues, stacks of papers to correct, hours of planning and organizing, endless meetings, reams of required paperwork, contacts with uninvolved or overly involved parents, pressure to attain test results, and the endless barrage of negative press and a clueless public. How does one find the balance between the joy and the aggravation?

In this course, I share what I have learned about balancing a professional and personal life.

What can you expect to learn?

  • Grade papers selectively, quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Plan for months, rather than days or weeks.
  • Spend only one hour per day preparing or correcting.
  • Set up an organized filing and storage system.
  • Prepare "two-for-one" lessons.
  • Identify essential understandings.
  • Develop universal homework assignments.
  • Become so efficient that a parent would not even consider questioning your decisions.
  • Leave at 4:00 every day prepared for the next day.
  • Say "no" effectively and without guilt.
  • Complete district paperwork quickly.
  • Create a plan for the opening of school and Back to School Night.
  • Develop your last-ever set of substitute plans.
  • Discover new ideas in discipline.
  • Make technology work effectively.
  • Get paid for your extra time.
  • Use the telephone effectively.

All participants receive a copy of the book Time Management for Teachers by Scott Purdy.

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